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14.03.16 : To day: March 14'th : International Day of action for Rivers
03.03.16 : Berta Càceres (Goldman Prize Winner) mudered

Berta Càceres - © International Rivers

- read the letter to the president of Hondouras sent by the Goldman Foundation and cosigned by 50 international NGOs.
- Participate in the online action : Tell Dam Builders to Pull Out of Agua Zarca Dam en Honduras

14.03.15 : To day: March 14'th : International Day of action for Rivers
05.12.14 : Turkey : I lisu Dam's construction may be continued after a 4 month halt !
Stop Ilisu – stop destruction and instability ! Press Release (Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive Batman/Turkey)
30.07.14 : EEB is looking for a Policy Officer on Water and Biodiversity
06.07.14 : 13 July : last BIG JUMP regional befor the large europeanwide Big Jump XXL in 2015 29.06.14 : Today is Danube Day (e)
23.06.14 : Chile : 5 mega dams projects canceld in Patagonia (e)
21.06.14 : Greece : The large Mesochora dam (Acheloos River) will never go in use (fr),
24.05.14 : To day : World Fish Migration Day - over 300 ations worldwide (e)
06.05.14 : Announcement : World Fish Migration Day : 24 may 2014
: Greece : Acheloos River diversion project stopped (f) (Le Monde)
13.01.14 : Drought : rivers will lose 40% of water in Southern Europe by 2100 (f) JDLE

10.11.13 : Asia: climat change impacts hydro power (f)
22.08.13 : Forcing France to open the way for the Rhine Salmon !
Environmental NGOs and Fisher Organisation from Germany, France, Switzerland and Netherlands launched an international petition . Sign in
14.07.13 : 30 000 - 50 000 people jumped on estimated 175 Big Jump places in Europe. Excellent partizipation regarding the cancellation of many events along the rivers in the Elbe and Danube Basin (big floods).


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