• The walk of the "Water Pilgrims"
    on september 2002 to Brussels

    Organisated by the Plataforma en Defensa del Ebre "PDE"



A group of people form the Terres de l’Ebre are planning to go back to Brussels in September to celebrate the anniversary of 15,000 people demonstrating there in defence of the river Ebro, and to hand in a letter of thanks to the European Parliament for allowing us a voice there which has so often been denied us in Spain.

We will leave Tortosa on the 2nd September (by coach), spending a night in France (near Lyon?) before arriving in Maastricht on the 3rd. Then the idea is from the 4th to the 9th to WALK to Brussels in 5 easy stages, camping along the way.

4th. Walk to Tongeren.

5th. Walk to St.Truiden

6th. Walk to Tienen.

7th. Walk to Leuven.

8th. Walk to Brussels.

9th Give our letter to representatives of the Parliament
and start the trip back to Catalonia (by coach)

So, to join us you be prepared to walk 20 km per day, and sleep in tents (essential you bring tent and sleeping bag).

There are two alternatives: meet us in Maastricht on the 3/4th or come by coach with us. The coach will cost between 90 and 150 euros depending on how many people go. You will also have to pay for campsites and meals as we walk.

Please ask for more details.

We have already started a list and the number of places on the coach are limited so please let us know as soon as possible.

Contact with the Platform for the Defense of River Ebro :


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