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Thinkcamp on Big Jump - Workshop Western Europe (upper Loire, France)
Thinkcamp sur le sujet du Big Jump - atélier pour l'Europe de l'Est, Haute Loire , France
Thinkcamp zum Big Jump - Workshop für Westeuropa (Haute Loire France)

One of the different workshops was organized in France (for Western Europe) . It was a so called Thinkcamp with SOS Loire Vivante in the gorges of the upper Valley of the Loire river (in SOS Loire Vivante's Mas de Bonnefont on the riverbank of the clear Loire River (Natura 2000 site)

dans la grange du Mas de Bonnefont

Trainnig for the Big Jump:

on the photos / in the water::

Stephan Arnold (Salleinitiative, Halle/Germany)
Michelle Bérard (les Verts Haute Loire, cons. mun. Le Puy)
Nicole Crochet (SEE Solidarité Eau Europe)
Roberto Epple (ERN)
Luc Michiels & son (Green Belgium)
Alfred Olfert (ERN Eastern Europe Office)
Cecile Simonet (SOS Loire Vivante - ERN)
Christophe Tomati (SOS Loire Vivante)
Valérie Valette (ERN Iberian Office)
Jean Venturin (Ville d'Espalion, Aveyron)

Trainnig for the Big Jump:
Jump in

Trainnig for the Big Jump:
it's great

l'eau est bonne

"photo de groupe"


The BIG JUMP is a project by
European Rivers Network (ERN)