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  • 01.03.06 Next Big Jump : due to the success sooner than expected !

    English:   Due to It big success in 2005 and to the growing request for a next edition, ERN almost had to organise Big Jumps events sooner than planned originally. We are now able to announce you that the next Big Jump, XL version, will take place in 2007 at 15 july, 3 pm (European Time) !
    And to help you wait until there, we plan regional and local events in July 2006. A whole week, from 8. to 16. July 2006, will be devoted to our rivers and lakes, with differents kinds of events. The final collective Jump is planned the 16. July at 15 pm ! The countries of the Benelux are already preparing their actions : follow their example and create your own river special celebration ! If you already have ideas, don't hesitate and contact us !

    Français : 01.03.06 : Prochain Big Jump : à cause de son succès, plus tôt que prévu !

    En raison de son grand succès en 2005 et d'une demande toujours croissante pour un nouvel évènement, ERN se devait d'organiser des manifestations Big Jump plus tôt que prévu par le projet initial. Nous sommes maintenant en mesure de vous annoncer que le prochain Big Jump, version XL, aura lieu en 2007, le 15 Juillet à 15 h!
    Pour vous aider à patienter jusque là, nous prévoyons des évènements régionaux et locaux en juillet 2006, du 8 au 16 juillet 2006. Le saut est programmé pour le 16 juillet 2006 à 15 h ! Les pays du Bénélux préparent déjà leurs actions : suivez leur exemple et créez la fête de votre propre rivière ! Vous débordez d'idées pour 2006 ou 2007 ? N'hésitez pas et contactez nous !

    Deutsch : 01.03.06 : Nächster Big Jump wird wegen seines Erfolges auf 2007 vorgezogen !

    Aufgrund seines grossen Erfolg und einer starken Nachfrage hat ERN entschieden, dass der nächste Big Jump Version XL am 15. Juli 2007 um 15 Uhr stattfinden wird !
    Einige regionale und lokale Ereignisse finden aber im Sinne einer Promotion vom 8. Juli bis 16.Juli statt. ! Insbesondere in den Benelux Ländern ist einiges geplant. Fall sie fuer 2006 oder 2007 mitmachen wollen, so
    lassen sie es uns wissen.

  • 12.11.04 : UK: Bathing waters pass European standards despite summer of run-off (published on 12-Nov-2004)

    Despite the bad weather conditions of the summer and reports of excessive polluting run-off pouring into rivers and coastal waters, 99% of bathing waters in England and Wales are clean enough to meet European standards, Defra announced this week.
    Out of a total of 413 coastal and freshwater bathing areas, 406 passed the EC Bathing Water Directive's main mandatory water quality standards.
    The excessively heavy rain in August and September threatened the quality of the bathing waters through high levels of pollutants being washed from the land and from storm sewage overflows into rivers and, ultimately, into the sea.

    Campaign groups such as Surfers against Sewage highlighted the dangers of diseases such as impetigo (see related story) from raw sewage which had run-off onto beaches, while others called for a flag warning system to be introduced across the UK to alert people as to when the beaches were too polluted to use. Virtually all of these incidents occurred after heavy rain overloaded the, often ancient, local sewage and storm-water systems.

    Environment Minister Elliot Morley said that last summer could have seen a high number of pollution incidents rather than the handful which actually occurred, and that the decade long investment in water infrastructure has made the country less vulnerable to pollution from wet weather.

    "However, the wet weather did remind us of the challenge we face in tackling agricultural and urban sources of diffuse pollution. Pollutants flushing through our river catchments after heavy rain during August ultimately led to the failure of six of our seven non-compliant bathing waters in 2004. Dealing with diffuse water pollution is one of our top priorities and we are currently working with stakeholders to promote action and develop measures that best address the problem," Mr Morley said.

    The EU operates a two-tier system of water cleanliness: "mandatory", and the stricter "guideline" standard. More than 80% of bathing waters in England and Wales now meet the stricter guideline standard. When monitoring began 14 years ago, only about 30% of bathing water met the standard.

    Andrew Skinner, Director of Environmental Protection at the Environment Agency said that, although much has been achieved, there was still a lot to be done.

    "Water companies need to deliver the programme of improvements to sewage discharges affecting bathing waters recently approved by Ministers. We also need to work closely with land managers and farmers to tackle diffuse pollution. Improved land and soil management techniques together with better drainage systems could have a real positive impact," he said.

    Defra said that ongoing investment totalling £600 million in England and Wales has been committed up to 2005 and is aimed at achieving further improvements in bathing water quality, largely to meet the more stringent "guideline" standards of the Directive. It is targeted at over 100 sewage treatment works and several hundred storm overflows.

    Further investment is planned beyond 2005, which will address the few remaining sewage discharges that compromise compliance with the Bathing Water Directive's mandatory water quality standards.

    By David Hopkins
    Source: edie newsroom

    01.11.04 : Drei Big Jump Workshops sind im November / Dezember für den Westen Deutschlands geplant :

    Karlsruhe : 1.12.04, Umweltamt der Stadt , 09 h 30 - 15 h 30 h,
    Am 30.11.04 18h findet ein Vorbereitungstreffen der Rheinnetzpartner statt (InterReg Programm)
    Lübeck : 02.12.04 , 09h 30 , Kronsforderallee 2 - 6, 23560 Lübeck
    , Im Rittersaal in der alten LVA
    Bonn : 3.12.04 (Zeit und Ort demnächst an dieser Stelle)

    Die Workshops richten sich an alle potentiell am Big Jump interessierten Organisationen (Gemeinden, Städte, Behörden, Vereine und Verbände...) aber auch Einzelpersonen. Keine Einschreibbgebühren. Reisekosten und
    Essen gehen zu ihren Lasten. Tagungssprache: Deutsch

    Workshop Leitung: Roberto Epple
    Organisator: ERN (European Rivers Network)
    Infos und Anmeldung:
    elena.tatoli at (ERN Office Bonn)
    +49 (0)201 176 88 57

  • 11.09.04 : EEB (European Environmental Bureau) call for supporting and participating in Big Jump

    Dear Waterfriends,

    Getting tired of official WFD documents?
    Having trouble with translating the WFD to the public?
    Having difficulties staying positive and enthusiastic about the WFD?
    Don’t fear, help is on its way.

    The BIG JUMP:An inspiring project with a clear and powerful link to "Making the WFD work". It captures the essence of the WFD into one single act: at one date, at one time, people will jump into rivers all over Europe.In a nutshell, BIG JUMP is a European river swimming day, where people reclaim their environment and demonstrate their wish to have clean and living rivers again.The WFD is the legislative tool in a European effort to achieve good status for all rivers and lakes in Europe. But a legislative tool alone is not enough to reach this goal. It is essential to gain people’s support for it. If the WFD does not have a broad public support all over Europe, it might never work !

    BIG JUMP is an ideal opportunity to get the public involved, to get the public behind the WFD. BIG JUMP is more than a daydream. Two years ago, a similar project has been held for the Elbe river. The project gathered over 100.000 people on 55 swimming spots that had been identified, controlled and temporarily opened to the public.

    The idea for BIG JUMP comes from the European Rivers Network (ERN), which has taken on the role of general co-ordinator for this event.In line with WFD-planning, ERN wants to have a BIG JUMP in 2005, 2010 and 2015, to celebrate achievements and encourage citizens and authorities.

    The first BIG JUMP has been planned for 2005, on the 17th of July at 14:00h. But there is more to BIG JUMP than just jumping in rivers. The idea is to have many side-events including water quality monitoring campaigns, educational programmes, thematic exhibitions, etc.ERN is asking NGOs to support and participate in the BIG JUMP to make it a success.

    The EEB is supporting the BIG JUMP and plans actions to spread the idea in and find support from the European Institutions.For you the question whether you also want to support this wonderful project and become a regional co-ordinator in your country: Already, there are more than 20 regional co-ordinators all over Europe.For all contact-info and more information about BIG JUMP, visit the website at or

    Please inform also the EEB if you are joining the BIG JUMP.Your EEB water team,

    Karel and Stefan

    The BIG JUMP is a project by
    European Rivers Network (ERN)