International news 2009


22.12.09 : L'Oural, third biggest european river could dry out in its middle cours (f)
17.12.09 : Sharp drop in Ireland's top quality rivers revealed 
: Australia : Peter Garret, the federal minister for environnement stop the controversal project of the Traveston Dam on the Mary River
20.09.09 : Iraq Reaches Water, Energy and Trade Agreements With Turkey
20.08.09 : Transfer massive de l'eau manquent de transfers lacking scrutiny (WWF Report)
10.07.09 : European banks withdraw from Ilisu dam project in Turkey - Non governmental organisations welcome pullout as the right decision
: Ilisu Dam-Affected People Expropriated amidst Ultimatum
Turkish Government snubs Europeans shortly before the Deadline
: Ilisu dam project on the Tigris: International Standards not reached despite ultimatum. Cultural heritage doomed
to be lost
14.05.09 : Turkey : Ilisu Dam project : Internationale Petition to stop the construction and to preserve the World heritage (g)
21.04.09 : China to build 20 hydro dams on Yangtze River
: World Water Forum 5 in Istanbul : First day : 19 persons arrested ! (d)

02.02.09 : Lake Chapala in Mexico declared as RAMSAR site (GNF), (g)

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