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Rhine river basin (a quick description and a historic record in English)

CIPR (International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine) - Basic datas.

Very complet collection of general informations on the Rine River annd its tributarys (Wikipedia)

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general informations by "Rhin Meuse" Water Agency - in french

General description of the riverbasin
by RiverNet (map and basic datas) -  in french

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- International Campaign ' Salmon Comeback to Switzerland"
- Eurocat
Project website ("Catchment basins changes and their impact on the cost")
- "Salmon 2000"
- Living Neckar - Lebendiger Neckar (germ.)
- IKoNE - Integrierende Konzeption Neckar-Einzugsgebiet (germ.)
- RhineNet (Interreg program) or
- Rhein -River of thousand Islands (Nabu Kranenburg)

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Our Rhine (german)

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A article in french on the Rhine river published in the "Courrier de l'UNESCO"

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  • 27.12.05 : EU want "Nord Rhein Westfalen" region to protect completly the Rhine (g)
  • 02.11.05 : 5th International Rhine Symposium
    Fish Migration: Up- and Downstream Fish Migration 2/3/4 November 2005 Beethovenhalle Bonn
  • 21.05.05 : RhineNet/ERN : Rivers of Pictures and Flows of Words along the River Rhine
  • 19.04.05 : Invitation for the Rhine tri-national conference „System Rhine“ on the 28. April 2005, Weil
    am Rhein
  • 07.02.05 : Anouncement : Seminary about Citizen participation in the case of the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
  • 30.01.05 : Anouncement : the upper Rhine river as a german french RAMSAR project (d) discussion in Strasbourg the 2nd of February
  • 01.09.04 : The Website of the Interreg project "RhineNet" is online
  • 01.03.04 : New map shows impact of human activities on lakes and rivers in Germany
  • 01.03.04 : Pressrelease from the "VSR-Gewässerschutz" (ger)
  • 14.02.04 :The Lippe River is heavily polluted (ger)
  • 11.08.03 : Heatwave kills 30,000 eels in Europe's River Rhine
  • 01.07.03 : "Father Rhine" shows signs of improvement
  • 20.11.02 : How does the flood alert work on the Rhine river ? (fr)
  • 13.01.02 : Bayer Catastrophe : Press Release VSG (german)
  • 27.11.01: Bayer Catastrophe : Press Release VSG (german)
  • 01.10.01: On 18th and 19th October 2001, the Landesanstalt für Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg (LfU) and the ICPR will stage an international conference in Karlsruhe entitled „Fish passages - no more Migra-tory fish". The LfU and the ICPR secretariat have further information at hand.
  • 01.08.01: The report on the Implementation of the Action Plan on Floods by 2000/2001 (report no. 118) is available in German, French and Dutch. The chap-ters "Summary" and "Evaluation and Outlook" are available in English under
  • 15.07.01 : Rhine Topics (July 2001), IKSR
  • 18.09.00 :The 4th Rhine International Conference
  • 29.02.00 : IFFEZHEIM/ RHEIN: Salmon ladder almost over

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