Call for participation !


The Big Jump : Take the plunge !

Rivers are the irreplaceable arteries of Europe which move across all boundaries, sustaining people, communities, businesses, and our ecosystems. This summer, hundreds of thousands of Europeans will simultaneously jump into Europe’s major rivers and lakes, all at the same time on the same day, showing their support for protecting and improving the health of Europe’s water. The Big Jump is a huge, wet wake up call that people from all across Europe want their rivers and lakes back in a clean, healthy state.

Wake up the politicians and make that splash!

Right now, many rivers and lakes are in a poor state due to pollution from unsustainable industrial and agricultural activities and other human impacts. Important progress has been made in the last decade, but there is still a clear need for increased action if Europe is to achieve the water targets politicians committed themselves to (established in the EU’s Water Framework Directive). The Big Jump is a huge opportunity to tell Europe’s leaders that they must take more action for supporting life in our waters – and that we to have more clean river to jump into in five years time!

In 2005, 250,000 people from all corners of Europe took part in this action. The Big Jump could trigger a huge European-wide water restoration effort, if we make a big enough splash! Join us!

How to participate ?

As Coordinor and or Organiser :
Associations, companies, municipalities, sports clubs & individuals are all welcome to celebrate and jump ! Organise and coordinate one or more events yourself, big or small. Jump into a river or a lake, organise a temporary river beach, a debate or a party on the riverbank. Even if you can’t swim in the water, something can be done to highlight the problem. Your event presents a great opportunity to show local problems and innovative local solutions for your country and for Europe. more

As individual Jumper :
Check out our website for jumping sites in your region or go with your family and friends to "your" place some wher along you river or lake and send us a photo using your mobilphone. more

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