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12 - 14 November 2007 : international conference on "Risk Assessment in European River Basins - State of the Art and Future Challenges", at the UFZ, Leipzig, Germany.

Organisers : Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

This conference is organised in the frame of the Coordination Action RISKBASE (<>) and the Integrated Project MODELKEY (<>) and aims to bring together leading scientists as well as European stakeholder groups involved in the assessment of risks to European river basins. Major developments of the recent European research in the frame of
- ecosystem goods and services in risk-based management,
- water regulation at risk under global change,
- groundwater ecosystems and drinking water supply at risk,
- hydromorphological changes and risks to biodiversity,
- eutrophication risks to biodiversity,
- risks of environmental pollutants to ecosystem and human health,
- integrated risk assessment on a basin scale
shall be processed, particularly in terms of practical implementation for river basin management in order to bridge the gap between science and management practice.

Invited key-note speakers will brief us on latest developments in above mentioned fields. Please refer to the attached flyer for a preliminary outline of the programme.

Call for posters: We would be very pleased to receive abstracts for poster presentations on above mentioned topics. Abstract submission deadline is 15 Sept 2007.

For more information : please visit the conference website <>.
A preliminary overview is available there. More detailed information on the programme, call for posters, venue, accomodation and registration will be available from early July.


8 - 10 November 2007 : EUROPE-INBO 2007 international conference, Roma, Italy

Organisers : INBO - Group of European Basin Organizations for the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive

The aim of INBO is to enable the Basin Organizations to regularly and informally meet in order to exchange their practical experiences.
Our work will be in line with the recommendations and decisions made by the Committee of the European Union’s Water Directors and by the Strategic Coordination Group led by the Commission. The implementation of the Water Framework Directive is now in an active and operational phase, which directly involves the Basin Organizations or the « District Authorities », which are facing operational problems in its field implementation that are to be discussed.
Our meeting will be organized around three main current topics on the Framework Directive implementation in the European River Basin Districts in 2007:
1. Cost of the Water Framework Directive: cost of procedures, preparation of Management Plans and Programs of Measures and their financing, economic studies, water price, etc.
2. Consequences of global warming: prevention and management of extreme climatic phenomena of floods and droughts, situation in the Mediterranean Region.
3. Public participation: outcomes of the first enquiries of 2005 and 2006 and the lessons learned for the next enquiry in 2008.
As the meeting is taking place in Italy, special attention will be paid to the issues specific to water management in the Mediterranean region.

The meeting is open to all INBO member organizations and observers, and also to the water administrations and organizations, interested in the implementation of the Framework Directive, of the member and candidate countries of the European Union and of all the other countries of the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, and of the Mediterranean region, in particular.

A meeting of the new INBO World Liaison Bureau will be held at the same dates, in hotel Abitart, Via P. Matteucci 10/20 Roma, following our 7th World General Assembly 2007, which took place in Debrecen in Hungary. The «EUROPE-INBO 2007» meeting itself will be organized simultaneously with the General Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Basin Organizations (MENBO), which will also take place in ROME at the same dates.

Call for paper
you are invited to present a paper on your experiments. The title and summary should reach the INBO now by return mail to:

For more information
> : about the meeting : any useful information, programs and proposed papers will be continuously available on the website: <>
> for any information concerning the practical organization of the conference, please contact Mr. Remo PELILLO at the Secretariat General of the Tiber River Basin Authority, which will be our host in Rome:
Tel: +390649249230 or: + 390649249239 and E- mail: or

Thank you for kindly returning, at your earliest convenience, the registration form to, in order to facilitate the good organization of the meeting and your best welcoming in ROME. Download the registration form on the INBO website
Registration to the « EUROPE-INBO 2007 » conference is free of charge.

arrive on Wednesday 7 November 2007 at the Rome International Airport. If your agenda allows it, you could leave Rome on Sunday 11 November in the morning
> your hotel booking at group discount price can be made for you by our Italian hosts, passing by Well Done Group :
Tel. +39 06 99701270, Fax +39 06 97840965, Mobile : 334.6245918 - 393.0935801 ; E-mail:
> Europe INBO cannot take charge of your air travels and hotel accommodation in Rome
> There will be simultaneous translation into English, Spanish and French.

Meeting place
Sala dello Stenditoio - Complesso San Michele a Ripa
Via di San Michele 22

24 October 2007 : TRUST Final Conference “Making the Most of Open Water”, Haarlem, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

Organisers : TRUST Project

This event officially closes the TRUST project, an INTERREG IIIB
Programme carried out with five European partners. The
conference will host different speakers from the partner regions,
experts on water management and officials from the European
The partners in TRUST have developed novel approaches to
integrate water management into spatial planning. These ideas
have been applied through five practical pilot projects in England,
Scotland, Belgium and two in the Netherlands and conceived
around three defined themes: integral water management,
multi-functional use of water and public and stakeholder
The conference will focus on project results and outcomes,
including an educational computer ‘water’ game and lessons
learned. All results will be made available on CD including
guidelines and a best practice manual that will help to make
multi-functional water use and integral water management work
in other projects.
But at the conference we will also look ahead. Keynote speakers
will give you an exciting look into new and challenging
approaches to future water management and future water projects.
And during an informal project market you’ll be able to pick up new
“water related” project ideas that may be further developed within
the INTERREG IV program.
The conference venue and our excursion will take you to two
unique Industrial Heritage sites. So in just one day you will have
the unique opportunity to experience the past, present and future
of water management and water projects in North West Europe.

Registration and information
TRUST website :
Or send an e-mail your details your details, position and role to:


21 - 26 octobre 2007 : Congrès mondial de l’IDA sur le dessalement et la réutilisation des ressources en eau, Maspalomas, Grande Canarie, Espagne

Organisateur : Association Internationale du Dessalement (IDA)

Le thème du Congrès mondial - «Dessalement : étancher une soif» - témoigne du rôle joué par les technologies du dessalement pour satisfaire à la demande croissante d’eau douce et potable à travers le monde.
Les principaux thèmes du congrès seront les suivants :
· améliorations des projets de dessalement thermique
· autres techniques de dessalement
· dessalement et environnement
· perspectives régionales de dessalement
· qualité de l’eau et santé publique
· assainissement et épuration des eaux usées.

Plus d'information : <>


16 - 19 octobre 2007 : 3rd International Yellow River Forum, Dongying, Chine

Organisateurs : Yellow River Conservation Commission

Les collègues chinois de la "Yellow River Conservation Commission" invitent le Réseau International des Organismes de Bassins (RIOB / INBO) à organiser, le 18 Octobre prochain au matin, une session spéciale sur la gestion des ressources en eau en Europe et notamment sur l’application de la Directive-Cadre, durant le prochain "International Yellow River Forum".
Le RIOB vous convie à participer à cette importante manifestation internationale à laquelle plus de 300 participants étrangers de 50 Pays se sont d’ores et déjà inscrits.

La session spéciale « européenne » s’organisera autour de grands thèmes d’actualité de la mise en œuvre en 2007 de la Directive ­ Cadre sur l'Eau dans les districts hydrographiques européens, ainsi que sur les procédures, outils et techniques de gestion des ressources en eau mises en œuvre en Europe.
L’objectif du RIOB est de permettre aux Organismes de Bassin européens et aux entreprises et bureaux d’études qui travaillent avec eux, des pays-membres et candidats de l’Union Européenne, de tous les autres pays des Balkans, de l’Europe Orientale, du Caucase et d’Asie Centrale, ainsi que de tout le bassin de la Méditerranée, en particulier, de rencontrer de manière informelle leurs collègues chinois et d’autres pays représentés à Dongying, pour échanger leurs expériences pratiques de terrain et leur techniques.
Une traduction simultanée sera assurée en anglais et chinois.

Communications :
Vous êtes invités à présenter une communication sur vos expériences : envoyez à l'adresse suivante :
> le titre et le résumé avant le 1er Septembre prochain,
> le texte complet le 15 Septembre au plus tard.

Inscriptions :
Pour la bonne organisation des travaux et pour vous assurer le meilleur accueil possible à Dongying :
> retourner au plus vite, aux organisateurs chinois ( ) les fiches d’inscription à télécharger ici ou sur le site Internet du Forum
> retourner au Secretariat Technique Permanent du RIOB ( ) la fiche de participation à la session spéciale "européenne".

Informations et renseignements :
> Programme et informations pratiques (document PDF)
> Informations sur le IYRF, formulaires d'inscription, programmes et communications : ou
> Pour tous renseignements sur le Forum : s'adresser à l’YRCC :

Conseils :
> arriver dès le 15 Octobre 2007, à l’aéroport de Dongying. Si votre agenda le permet, vous pourriez repartir de Dongying le samedi 20 ou le dimanche 21 Octobre.
> Votre réservation hôtelière, à un tarif préférentiel de groupe, pourra être effectuée pour vous par les hôtes chinois.
> Le RIOB ne peut malheureusement pas prendre en charge les transports aériens ni votre hébergement à Dongying.


11 - 12 October 2007 : RISKBASE - 1st WP5 Workshop on Risk Management - The Interaction of the societal system and the European policy Framework for Land and Water Resource Management, Vienna, Austria

RISKBASE is a Coordination Action under FP6 (full title: Coordination Action on Risk Based Management of River Basins) aiming to deliver: (1) An overarching concept, generic approach and guiding principles to integrated risk based management of river basins; (2) Recommendations towards evolution and implementation of risk based management in national and community policies and towards implementation in management.

The upcoming 1st WP5-workshop on Risk Management aims to analyse the current situation of policies and risk management within River Basin Planning in Europe by a case study approach and to discuss new perspectives for integrated concepts to manage various risks to the soil-water-sediment-system.

More information on the project can be found at the RISKBASE-homepage (<>).


9-12 October 2007 : 6th Conference on Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability, Antwerp, Belgium

Organisers: IWA

This conference will provide an excellent environment to exchange experiences in water reuse from dry and wet climate areas, from industrialised and rural areas, from high and low income countries. Issues at the centre of debate will cover risk management, financing, water quality, use of high tech versus low tech, water reclamation in industry, sustainable irrigation practices using reclaimed water and water reclamation in urban water supply.

Read more... <>


24 - 26 September 2007 : WaReLa Scientific conference on Integrated catchment management for hazard mitigation (WARELA = Water Retension by Land Use) ,Trier (Germany)

In addition to flood disasters on major rivers, damage caused by the flooding of smaller and medium-sized tributaries is also of considerable significance. To ensure that flood protection measures are effective, engineering flood prevention measures on the rivers must be supported by integrated catchment management. This includes decentralised water retention measures implemented in the sectors of forestry, agriculture and in residential areas. Whenever possible, former flood plains should always be re-incorporated in the run-off system.
New instruments are elaborated and introduced within the scope of this project, such as GIS-based systems and open program-controlled systems for the evaluation of economic consequences and the eco-efficiency of flood damage precaution measures associated with land-use. These are extremely significant for improving information management, the provision of advice to the general public and for the acceptance of flood precaution measures.
The prevention of flood damage is a transnational task, that can only be realised if all nations with river catchments co-operate. On a medium scale, efficient land-use measures for the prevention of flood damage are of regional and transnational significance: The landscape and the soils constitute an effective storage medium for surplus water. As a result, flood damage caused by low-order rivers can be prevented by the reduction and time delay of peak flows. At river basin unit level, they have transnational significance due to the reduction and delay of inflow from tributaries into rivers of higher order.

Information on the website :

18 - 20 September 2007 : Conference and Exhibition on Wastewater 2007, Venue : Town of Brno, Czech Republic

Organizer: The Association of Wastewater Treatment Experts of the Czech Republic

The conference will follow the previous successful events of the Association started in 1995. The main goal of the conference is to provide an international forum for the presentation of the latest development in the field of wastewater collection and treatment and sludge handling in Europe and for the exchange of information, opinions and ideas among the participants.
The 2007 conference will be held in cooperation with EWA (European Water Association).

Authors wishing to contribute, should submit an abstract by May 10th 2007.

Read more... <>


17 - 19 September 2007 : 14th German Dam Symposium and 7th ICOLD European Club Dam Symposium, Munich, Germany

Organiser: German National Committee on Large Dams
Kronprinzenstraße 37 - 45128 Essen - Germany

Main Topic: "Dams in Europe - Tasks and Challenges"

Conference President: Dipl.-Ing. Jens Peters (President of GCLD)

Venue: Campus Weihenstephan
Central Lecture Auditorium
Am Forum 4
85354 Freining near Munich, Germany

More information :


3 - 6 September 2007 : Third International Conference on Climate and Water,Helsinki, Finland.

Finland has arranged two conferences on Climate and Water, the
first one in 1989, the second one in 1998. The Third
International Conference on Climate and Water will be held at
Marina Congress Center in Helsinki on 3-6 September 2007.

The objective is to provide an opportunity for hydrologists,
water managers and decision makers to exchange research
results, ideas and concerns on impacts, adaptation and
mitigation in the water sector, facing climate change.
> How have we proceeded since 1998?
> What are major challenges today?
> Where are we going?
> Where should we go?

The deadline for abstracts is 1 March, 2007.
Web-site :


25 - 28 août 2007 : Conférence internationale "Le développement durable et la gestion des ressources en eau en Palestine", Amman, Jordanie

Organisateurs : Bureau du Caire de l’UNESCO, Égypte; Projet de renforcement des capacités et de formation dans le domaine de la planification et de la gestion environnementales

La conférence réunira des chercheurs, professionnels, responsables, décideurs, représentants d’ONG et experts de la communauté internationale pour examiner les défis que doit relever le secteur de l’eau ainsi que les solutions possibles impliquant la recherche, le renforcement des capacités et le développement dans les domaines liés à l’eau et à l’environnement.

La conférence s’intéressera notamment aux principaux thèmes suivants :
* gestion intégrée des ressources en eau
* gestion de l’offre et de la demande en ressources en eau
* renforcement des capacités (ressources humaines et institutions)
* résolution des conflits liés à la gestion des ressources en eau transfrontalières
* questions relatives à la qualité de l’eau et à l’environnement
* aspects culturels, éthiques et socio-économiques des ressources en eau.

Plus de détails... <>


12 - 18 August 2007 : World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden

Theme : "Progress and Prospects on Water: Striving for Sustainability in a Changing World".

The World Water Week in Stockholm is the leading annual global meeting place for capacity-building, partnership-building and follow-up on the implementation of international processes and programmes in water and development. On this site you'll find more information about the plenary sessions, seminars, workshops, side events and special activities that will take place during the next World Water Week in Stockholm.

Read more about the upcoming week at


6 - 28 August 2007 : Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Venue: Sweden, and in LAO PDR (19-30 November 2007)

The objective of the training programme is to support and stimulate the development of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the participants' home countries, and to encourage the participants to involve in and contribute to networking on IWRM.
Last application date: April 4, 2007

Read more... <>
Source: SIWI


2-8 July 2007 : 4th Workshop and Short Intensive Course - Wetland Water, Venue: Biebrza, Poland

The event is organized within EU 'Center of Excellence in Wetland Hydrology - WETHYDRO', by Warsaw Agricultural University together with a couple of Western and Polish universities and institutes. It will be held in the Biebrza National Park in July 2007, 2-8 July. The course part will mainly concentrate on presenting the role of the water management in preservation and/or restoration of the wetland ecosystems. The workshop will be mainly devoted to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas on water management in wetland ecosystems.

more... <>


1er - 6 juillet 2007 : 32ème Congrès de l’AIRH "Harmoniser les exigences liées à l’art et à la nature avec les ouvrages hydrauliques", Venise, Italie

Organisateur : Association internationale d’ingénierie et de recherches hydrauliques (AIRH)

Le thème principal du Congrès est le suivant : «Harmoniser les exigences liées à l’art et à la nature avec les ouvrages hydrauliques». Quatre thèmes scientifiques reflétant l’évidente nécessité d’incorporer dans la réalisation des projets les aspects qui ne sont pas exclusivement techniques (par exemple, économiques, sociaux, politiques, etc.) seront également étudiés dans le cadre du congrès :
* ingénierie et gestion des systèmes d’eau douce
* acquisition et traitement de données en vue de l’approfondissement des connaissances scientifiques et de la sensibilisation du public
* mécanique des fluides et hydraulique
* recherche et ingénierie appliquées aux zones côtières et maritimes.

Read more... <>


1 - 6 July 2007 : Harmonizing the Demands of Art and Nature in Hydraulics, Venue: Venice, Italy

The main theme of the 32nd IAHR congress Harmonizing the Demands of Art and Nature in Hydraulics, is becoming increasingly relevant for many large engineering projects around the world, where different requirements are often in conflict. The four scientific themes of the Congress reflect the necessity to incorporate aspects other than engineering (e.g. economical, social, political etc.) in the development of projects.

Deadline for submission of papers has been extended to 15 January 2007.
Deadline of paper submission for the Student Competition has been extended to 15 February 2007.

Read more… <>
Source : IAHR NewsFlash


27-28 June 2007 : European Forum Water, Vienna, Austria

Organisers: OVGW, DWGV, OWAV

The aim of this third European Forum Water include facilitating an open exchange of experiences between the associations and utilities of the Central and South-East European countries, especially the Danube region, to build up an open and voluntary network between experts and associations situated in this region and to develop a sustainable water and wastewater sector, with view to the existing networks.

Read the conference programme... <>
Register... <>


26 - 28 juin 2007 : Hydrotop 2007, Marseille, France

Hydrotop 2007, carrefour euro-méditerranéen de l'eau et de l'assainissement, réunit tous les deux ans l'ensemble des acteurs de l'eau des pays du pourtour méditerranéen et répond au besoin d'information des scientifiques, industriels, institutionnels et opérateurs travaillant dans les domaines de l'eau et de l'assainissement. Il facilite ainsi le rapprochement entre ces différents acteurs de l'eau et leur permet de confronter expériences et résultats.
Cette 9ème édition sera rythmée par les temps forts suivants :
> Un colloque scientifique et technique abordera les questions de gouvernance, de tarification, d'aménagement du territoire…et les risques pour la ressource, les aléas climatiques ou la santé qui en découlent.
> Un salon technologique et une convention d'affaires où les opérateurs du secteurs proposeront solutions techniques et services aux donneurs d'ordre.
> Une journée sur l'emploi et la formation
> La présentation des pôles de compétitivité de la Région PACA
> Deux rendez-vous en partenariat avec Ubi France spécialement pour les entreprises françaises.

Renseignements et inscription :

26 - 28 June 2007 : Hydrotop 2007, Marseille, France
Hydrotop 2007, Euro-mediterranean meeting place for water and sanitation, gathers every tow years all the water actors of the Mediterranean countries and meets the need of information of scientists, industrials, institutionals and operators working in the fields of water and purification. It makes the exchanges between these actors easier and helps them to compare experiments and results.
This 9th edition will be governed by the following events :
> A scientific and technical colloquium will discuss the themes of governance, prices, development… and risks for the resource, climate vagaries and health
> A technological show and an affair convention where operators will offer technical solutions and services
> A day dedicated to employment and training
> Presentation of the "poles de compétitivité" in PACA region
> Two special rendez-vous,k co-organised with Ubi France, for the French enterprises.

Information and registration :


26 - 28 juin 2007 : 9ème Symposium International de l'Eau, Cannes, France

Ce 9ème Symposium International de l'Eau réunira de nombreuses personnalités : universitaires, chercheurs, décideurs politiques, grandes entreprises, partenaires internationaux (tels que l'Unesco, l'université des Nations Unies…).
Cette édition 2007 portera sur le thème de l'Eau, la Ville et le Développement Durable.
En effet, de nos jours, environ 80% des hommes vivent dans une ville, une métropole… Cette population est en augmentation constante, de même que sa demande en eau. Or, cette demande en eau croissante met en péril les équilibres urbains et périurbains. Les préoccupations des professionnels portent donc sur l'adéquation des ressources avec les besoins des populations, et notamment sur les problématiques suivantes :
" Gestion des ressources en eau des villes
" Eau et santé
" Contrôle de l'eau dans la ville
" Prévision et gestion des risques liés à l'eau dans la ville*
" Eau et enjeux planétaires : communiquer, informer, agir.
Ces différents aspects seront abordés en conférences, débats et ateliers.
L'invité d'honneur du Symposium sera cette année l'Île de la Réunion, qui pourra ainsi présenter ses réalisations dans le domaine de l'eau.

Renseignements :

26 - 28 June 2007 : 9th Cannes Water Symposium, Cannes, France
This 9th Cannes Water Symposium will gather many personalities : academics, researchers, political deciders, important companies, international partners (Unesco, University of United Nations…).
This 2007 edition's theme is Water, City and Sustainable Development.
Indeed, nowadays, almost 80% people live in a city or a metropole. This population is always growing, as well as its need of water. This increasing water need threatens the urban and periurban equilibrium. Professionals' preoccupations concern the adequation of the resources with the population's needs, and particularly deal with the following issues :
" Management of the cities' water resources
" Water and health
" Control of the water in the city
" Prevention and management of the risks linked with water in the city
" Water and world stakes : communicate, inform, act.
These different topics will be discussed in conferences, debates and workshops.
The Symposium's special guest will be this year the Island of Réunion, which will present its realizations in the field of water.

Information :


25 - 28 juin 2007 : NOVATECH 2007 ­ 6ème Conférence internationale sur les techniques et stratégies durables pour la gestion des eaux urbaines par temps de pluie, Lyon, France

Organisateur : Groupe de recherche Rhône-Alpes sur les infrastructures et l’eau (GRAIE), France
Co-organisateurs : Grand Lyon - Région Rhône-Alpes - Agences de l'Eau - ASTEE - Eurydice 92 - INSA Lyon
Associations partenaires : IAHR - IWA - IAHS - EWRI/ASCE - Comité Joint IWA / IAHR sur l'assainissement urbain - AITF ­ ATTF - OIEau - SHF

La conférence s’organise autour du thème général des solutions durables et alternatives de gestion des eaux de temps de pluie (pluviales et unitaires) dans les zones urbaines et périurbaines. La recherche de solutions durables est pertinente si elle est étudiée à la bonne échelle territoriale et avec l'ensemble des acteurs concernés. C’est pourquoi la gestion des eaux urbaines de temps de pluie sera abordée selon trois angles complémentaires :
* les approches intégrées à l'aménagement urbain
* les techniques innovantes de gestion des eaux urbaines par temps de pluie
* les approches intégrées à la gestion des milieux aquatiques.

Novatech 2007, c'est :
* Une conférence technique pour les acteurs opérationnels
* Un colloque scientifique international de grande qualité
* Le lieu de rencontre incontournable des acteurs de la gestion des eaux pluviales urbaines
Novatech 2007, c'est :
* 3 jours de conférences
* 600 participants attendus
* 220 communications orales et posters
* 30 pays représentés
* 1 exposition de produits innovants
* 1 conférence de clôture prestigieuse
* 5 workshops spécialisés, dimanche 24 juin
* 2 visites techniques, jeudi 28 juin

Plus d'information : <>, <>

Tarif préférentiel pour toute inscription avant le 15 avril 2007
Tous les détails pratiques sur : <>
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour de plus amples informations :


14 - 16 June 2007 : Water Resources Management : New Approaches and Technologies Venue : Chania, Crete - Greece

Organizer: European Water Resources Association, Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete

The scope of the symposium is to focus on new methodologies and technologies that have been applied on Water Resources Management in the
recent past. Based on this information a level platform can be developed to help governments, decision-makers and technical staff in identifying appropriate water resources management practices based on the gained
experiences and learned lessons which can lead to sustainable water resources use. Authors may submit full manuscripts by 31st of October 2006.

For more information, visit the symposium website: <>


13 - 17 June 2007 : IWHA Conference 2007 : Past and Futures of Water, Venue: Tampere, Finland

Organizer : IWHA

The International Water History Association (IWHA) will hold its fifth biennial conference in Tampere, Finland in June 2007. The conference program addresses diverse topics related to water history and futures, and will provide an excellent opportunity for scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and different parts of the world to meet and discuss the many fascinating aspects of water history.
Major themes are : Water and the city, Water, health and sanitation, Water, food and economy, Water history research methodologies and Water history and its relevance.

Read more... <> and <>


13 June 2007 : Water, Climate and Environment ­ Solutions and the Bottom Line, London, United Kingdom

Organisers: CIWEM

The aim of the conference is to explore the views of a wide range of organisations involved with the water sector in relation to their responses to climate, climate change and the developing environmental ­ sustainability agenda to showcase developing good practice not least where this leads to demonstrable resource, energy and cost savings.
The aim of this conference is to showcase the developing solutions organisations are using to address the current climate change and environmental agenda, by attracting people from all sectors concerned with water. The water sector in the broadest sense from government, agencies, consultants, NGOs, consumer groups and retail is very diverse and this is the range the conference is trying to engage. Organisations that would like to play an active part in the conference and developing the conference's outcomes are therefore kindly asked to contact the organisers.

Read more and book... <>
Download the registration form... <>
Source: CIWEM Electronic Newsletter

12 - 15 June 2007 : Green Week 2007 : Lessons from the past, challenges for the future, Brussels, Belgium

The signing of the Treaty of Rome on 25 March 1957 created a family of European nations which over the past fifty years have grown closer together. While maintaining their individual cultures, languages and traditions, all members of the family share a common set of values based on freedom, democracy, the rule of law, the respect for human rights, and equality. There are many achievements worth celebrating since the signing of that historic treaty 50 years ago. However, we can't just look to the past; we must look to the future and reflect on how Europe should evolve.

Green Week 2007 will take part in these celebrations and provide a forum to discuss the role Europe should play in safeguarding our environment.

For more information on Green Week : <>


7 - 9 juin 2007 : Réseau International des Organismes de Bassin - 7ème Assemblée Générale Mondiale, Debrecen, Hongrie

Quatre grands thèmes stratégiques pour la bonne mise en œuvre de la gestion des bassins des fleuves, des lacs et des aquifères :

- La prévention et la gestion des phénomènes climatiques extrêmes d'inondations et de sécheresses,
- La gestion des bassins transfrontaliers,
- Le monitoring, les réseaux de surveillance, le rapportage, l'inter-étalonnage,
- L'élaboration des programmes d'intervention des organismes de bassin et leur financement…

Toutes les informations utiles, les programmes et les communications proposées seront disponibles sur : <>

Renvoyer le formulaire nécessaire pour votre inscription : ou par Fax : +33 1 40 08 01 45.


7 - 9 juin 2007 : Conférence sur la gestion des eaux souterraines dans le bassin du Danube et dans les autres grands bassins fluviaux, Belgrade, Serbie

Organisateurs : Association Internationale de l’Eau (IWA); Institut Jaroslav erni de développement des ressources en eau, Serbie; Entreprise publique de mise en valeur des ressources en eau et d’assainissement de Belgrade, Serbie

L’objectif de cette conférence est de présenter les problèmes actuels de la gestion des eaux souterraines dans le bassin du Danube et dans les autres grands bassins fluviaux, de résumer les informations de base disponibles afin de faciliter la préparation des plans de gestion des bassins versants conformément à la Directive-cadre européenne dans le domaine de l’eau, notamment dans le bassin du Danube, et d’échanger les connaissances relatives au transport et à la transformation de différentes substances dans les eaux souterraines, et à la protection des eaux souterraines.

Plus d'information : <>


7 June 2007 : European Policy Summit on Water, Venue: Brussels, Belgium

Organisers: EWP, Friends of Europe

Following the success of the first European Policy Summit on Water in June last year, the European Water Partnership will this year organise the second edition of this major event on water. Organised in close cooperation with Brussels based think tank Friends of Europe, the Summit will take place in the Brussels, Belgium. This years' topic is Water Security - Does Europe have a strategy?
After the highly successful first Summit last year, we are confident that this year’s conference will be equally engaging and provocative, attracting experts from the political, scientific and financial communities, to focus on water security and the actions we need to take collectively and corporately. Seats for this event are limited so you are requested to register as soon as possible.

More information on the programme and the participants in this Summit will be available shortly on the website of the European Water Partnership at <>


29 - 31 mai 2007 : Congrès mondial sur les progrès de l’énergie hydraulique durable, Antalya, Turquie

Organisateurs : Association internationale de l’énergie hydraulique en collaboration avec l’UNESCO; Ren-Alliance; le Conseil général turc des ouvrages hydrauliques d’État (DSI); l’Association turque de l’énergie hydraulique (TURSEB)

Le Congrès sera centré sur les trois domaines suivants :
* optimisation de l’eau et de l’énergie : rôle joué par l’énergie hydraulique au niveau de l’optimisation des avantages et des services liés aux infrastructures polyvalentes, et mise en valeur des centrales existantes et des nouveaux projets
* innovations dans le domaine des énergies renouvelables : examen des derniers progrès réalisés au niveau des technologies, prototypes, applications et liens spécifiques aux énergies renouvelables, notamment des progrès réalisés dans le domaine des technologies de l’énergie hydraulique
* durabilité et certification: évaluation des politiques et directives récentes, discussion relative à la responsabilité sociale des entreprises, et analyse des liens avec les secteurs de la finance, de la réglementation, des affaires et de l’industrie.

More information : <>


21 - 23 May 2007: Water Resources Management 2007, Venue: Kos, Greece

Organizers: Wessex Institute of Technology

The Fourth International Conference on Water Resources Management will present the more recent technological and scientific developments associated with the management of surface and sub-surface water resources.
The importance of this meeting cannot be over-emphasised as water increasingly becomes a precious resource on which the well-being of future generations depends. Issues of water quality, quantity, management and planning, as well as other related topics, are essential to the future of the world population.

More information: <>


25 - 27 April 2007 : Conference Water in Protected Areas, Venue: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Organizers: CWPCS and EWA in co-operation with IWA and UNESCO

Call for Exhibitors
Exhibit and present your company solutions, technologies, plants, equipment and services during the international conference "Water in Protected Areas" taking place in Dubrovnik on April 25- 27, 2007. For further details, terms and conditions for professional and commercial presentation
download the presentation (.doc)… <>

Become a sponsor of this remarkable and international event and you receive various benefits.
Download the sponsorship criteria (.doc)… <>


22-25 April 2007 : Conference on Desalination and the Environment, Venue: Halkidiki, Greece

This conference on desalination and the environment will be devoted to advances towards providing fresh water for all, at affordable cost. With limited and depleting natural sources, desalination can supplement some of the critically lacking amounts of water needed for sustainable development. The conference will overview the most recent developments in desalination technology, its cost and extent of application, including socio-economic and environmental issues. It will bring together research scientists, decision makers, managers, design engineers and operators from water companies, industries, government departments, consulting firms, research institutes and universities.

Why and how should desalination be integrated into the national or regional water management plans, ensuring socio-economic and environmental benefits, will be the focal point of the conference.

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21 - 25 avril 2007 : Conférence internationale "Les changements climatiques et leurs impacts sur les zones côtières et les deltas fluviaux : vulnérabilité, atténuation et adaptation" (CCIE 2007), Alexandrie, Égypte

Organisateur : Académie de la recherche scientifique et de la technologie (ASRT), Égypte

Les sujets qui seront étudiés dans le cadre de cette conférence seront les suivants :
* changements climatiques mondiaux, atténuation et adaptation
* prévisions d’élévation du niveau de la mer réalisées à partir des résultats des modèles climatiques et d’autres techniques
* impacts de l’élévation du niveau de la mer sur la salinisation des eaux souterraines et des sols dans les deltas fluviaux
* impacts du changement climatique mondial sur les deltas fluviaux et les zones côtières d’un point de vue géo-environnemental et socio-économique
* implications des changements climatiques dans la région du delta du Nil
* vulnérabilité à long terme des ressources naturelles au réchauffement de la planète et au changement climatique
* traitement des sols et des eaux.

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19th April 2007 : Project Management, Best Practices and European Policy on Water issues, Brussels, Belgium

Organisers : Interregional Partnership Platform, European Waterregion Network

Fostering the participation of European regions in the different EU programmes dealing with water issues : this is the main goal of this seminar.
Program (PDF)

Residence Palace, room Maelbeek
Map : <>

Please confirm your attendance by e-mail to :


22 - 24 March 2007 : International congress River Basin Management, Venue: Antalya, Turkey

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) in collaboration with WWC is organizing an International Congress on River Basin Management, to be held from 22 to 24 March 2007 in Antalya, Turkey. This congress is one of the preparatory events for the 5th World Water Forum,(to be held in Istanbul in 2009).
This Congress aim to bring together international experts, academicians, public and private sector representatives and researchers working on matters related to river basins. The aim of the congress is to exchange information on methodologies and techniques used in the river basin management.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 October 2006
More information: <>

22 - 23 March 2007 : European Water Conference, Brussels

The European Commission's Environment Directorate-General, in cooperation with the Joint Research Centre, Eurostat and the European Environment Agency is organising the European Water Conference 2007 on 22/23 March 2007 in Brussels. The opening of the conference coincides with World Water Day.
On the conference, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas will present the first implementation report for the Water Framework Directive. On the same day, the Water Information System for Europe (WISE) will be launched. More information on the conference programme will be available soon.

The registration for the conference is now open and can be done electronically.

22 March 2007 : World Waterday : Coping with Water Scarcity
22 mars 2007 : Journée Mondiale de l'eau : faire face à la pénuerie d'eau
22. März 2007 : Welt Wassertag : der Wasserknappheit entgegentreten

"Coping with Water Scarcity" is the theme for World Water Day 2007, which is celebrated each year on 22 March. This year's theme highlights the increasing significance of water scarcity worldwide and the need for increased integration and cooperation to ensure sustainable, efficient and equitable management of scarce water resources, both at international and local levels.
Equity and rights, cultural and ethical issues are essential to be addressed when dealing with limited water resources. Imbalances between availability and demand, the degradation of groundwater and surface water quality, intersectoral competition, interregional and international disputes, all center around the question of how to cope with scarce water resources.
The theme was decided among all members of UN Water at the World Water Week in Stockholm in August 2006. FAO acts as coordinator, on behalf of all the UN Agencies and Programmes members of UN-Water for the celebration of World Water Day 2007. It is assisted by the Secretariat for UN-Water, which is based at UN DESA in New York, and which is serving as point of contact within the UN system for freshwater-related issues.
Please visit the UN Water web site, and the UN Water for Life Decade web site for the latest information on UN freshwater programmes.



19 - 21 March 2007 : 3rd workshop Water demand management in the Mediterranean, Venue: Zaragoza, Spain

Organizers: Plan Blue

The workshop will be based on the presentation of national reports carried out in the voluntary countries, regional studies & papers. The local & national studies will aim to document concrete examples of good practices and to measure the progress actually made over the last years in terms of WDM in the main sectors of use (agricultural water, drinking water, industrial water), factoring natural water needs for the ecosystems into policies and factoraing WDM into water and cooperation policies.

Read more... <>
Source: EMWIS Flash


19 - 20 March 2007 : 2nd Announcement for the International Mid Term SAND Conference
'Towards sustainable mineral extraction along rivers aiming at flood damage prevention'
in Cologne, Germany

This conference is presented by SAND, a project funded by INTERREG III B
for Spatial quality enhancement, Alleviation of flood damage and Nature
enlargement by Development and redevelopment of mineral extraction sites
along rivers.

12 - 14 March 2007 : Conference on Water Status Monitoring under the European Water Framework Directive, Lille , France

The conference will review chemical and ecological status monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in the context of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). There will be a policy session (covering ecological status and chemical monitoring of the Common Implementation Strategy of the WFD), a science session (with input from related EU-funded RTD projects), and an industry session (spreading the technology - perspectives on science and technology integration into WFD implementation).

In the light of the 2006-2007 milestone on water monitoring, this conference will bring together key actors from the water sector, with focus on science and policy interactions.

The conference is timed to share information on science-policy interactions related to chemical/ecological water monitoring.

Info: Mrs Maggi Churchouse, Maggi Churchouse Events, East Barn, Thelnetham, Diss IP22 1JJ, UK

Registration flyer, pressrelease and more information :

6 - 7 March 2007: International Mid Term SAND Conference: 'Towards sustainable mineral extraction along rivers aiming at flood damage prevention'. Venue: Bergheim, Germany (South of Köln)

This conference is presented by SAND, a project funded by INTERREG III B for Spatial quality enhancement, Alleviation of flood damage and Nature enlargement by Development and redevelopment of mineral extraction sites along rivers.

Conference website: <>
Adriaan Berkhof, SAND project coordinator
Rijkswaterstaat Oost Nederland, Postbus 9070
tel: 0031 26 3688783

4 - 7 March 2007 : African Network of Basin Organizations, Network of Internation Commissions and Transboundary Basin Organizations

General Assemblies, Johannesburg, South Africa

Discover the program
Fill in the registration form
Find general informations (accomodation, airport transfers and weather)

More information:


13 - 15 février 2007 : 7ème Conférence internationale sur le génie fluvial, Ahvaz, Khouzestan, Iran

Organisateur : Université Shahid Chamran, Iran

En permettant de présenter les dernières découvertes dans le domaine du génie fluvial et en donnant aux chercheurs l’occasion de partager leurs expériences, la Conférence favorisera le renforcement des capacités ainsi que le développement de techniques adaptées afin de minimiser les dommages.

Cette conférence sera principalement consacrée aux thèmes suivants : gestion de la sédimentation; morphologie des cours d’eau; génie fluvial et modélisation; ouvrages hydrauliques; aspects environnementaux du génie fluvial; gestion des crues au niveau des cours d’eau; et gestion intégrée des cours d’eau et des bassins versants.

Plus d'information : <>


12 - 14 February 2007 : Conference Climate Change & The European Water Dimension, Venue: Berlin, Germany

Organizer : Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

This symposium aims to provide a platform for representatives from governments, science and research, stakeholder groups and non-governmental organizations to discuss the likely impacts of climate change on water management and water dependent sectors such as agriculture, energy, inland navigation and tourism, as well as options for adaptation, and to strengthen the political profile of these issues.

Read more… <>
Source : UNESCO Water Portal

12 - 14 February 2007: Climate Change and the European Water Dimension Vulnerability - Impacts- Adaptation
Berlin, Germany

Climate change is widely recognised, and it must be assumed that significant changes in climate conditions will occur, impacting on water resources and water systems in Europe.Scientific evidence suggests that climate change will result for example in more frequent and severe extreme events(floods and droughts) and that it will have long term effects on the availability of water in different regions in Europe as well as on the quality of water and water related ecosystems. Water management needs to take these effects into account, and long term strategies for water dependent economic
sectors need to be designed with a view to their vulnerability and their options for adaptation.

The Symposium aims to strengthen the political profile of these issues by providing a platform for representatives from governments, science and research, stakeholder groups and non-governmental organisations to discuss the likely impacts of climate change on water management and water dependent sectors, as well as options for adaptation. The results of the Symposium will be summarised in a set of conclusions and recommendations which will be brought to the attention of responsible Ministers during the German EU Presidency in the first half of the year 2007.

200 participants are expect. The symposium is addressed mainly to representatives of national governments, EU organisations and international organisations, major stakeholder groups and research institutions.

If you wish to indicate your interest in participating please fill in the form provided at until 15 September 2006.

Conference Centre of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Invalidenstraße 48, 10115 Berlin

Info: ECOLOGIC / PIK, Pfalzburger Straße 43 - 44, 10717 Berlin, Phone +49-30-8688-0115, Fax +49 30-8688-0200,

12 - 14 février 2007 : Conférence internationale "Les écosystèmes des zones côtières et le développement durable ­ au delà de la vulnérabilité et de l’adaptation", New Delhi, Inde

Organisateurs : UNESCO ; École des sciences de l’environnement de l’Université Jawaral Nehru (JNU), Inde; Département des sciences et technologies (DST), Inde; ministère de l’Environnement et des forêts (MoEF), Inde; Institut australien des sciences maritimes (AIMS)

Les écosystèmes côtiers abritent plus de 40% de la population mondiale et sont confrontés à de graves menaces et tensions liées à la croissance démographique et au développement. Les sessions seront centrées sur les sujets suivants :
* aspects scientifiques et techniques des zones côtières
* aspects écologiques et écohydrologiques des écosystèmes côtiers
* dynamique des eaux souterraines côtières
* gestion des écosystèmes côtiers.

Read more... <>


7 - 9 February 2007 : Aquaterra World Forum on Delta and Coastal Development,Managing Risks and Creating Opportunities, Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands

The world's delta areas and coasts are under increasing pressure due to a range of natural and manmade reasons. Climate change is the expression on everyone's lips and this complex issue is hotly debated. What will change? How soon? Why?

Aquaterra answers these questions. An international conference and exhibition designed for practical people who face real time challenges, today and tomorrow. Covering the gamut of complex risks and opportunities, Aquaterra consists of:
* an extensive conference programme
* an exhibition of the latest technologies & projects
* networking facilities for experts in the urban development of coastal and delta regions

The forum will be a meeting of minds between the planners, engineers, contractors, financial professionals and government policy makers. It will offer a platform for exchanging practical ideas and case studies about the actual experience of protecting and extending urban development in coastal and delta regions.

* clear examples of active delta and coastal development
* a multi-faceted case approach (policy, finance, knowledge and execution of complex projects)
* practical solutions in managing risks and creating opportunities in delta's and coasts

For detailed and up-to-date information, visit :>


January 24 - 26, 2007 Open FP6 Workshop on risk based river basin management: Towards Risk Based Management of European River Basins

Seville, Spain

Conference Office & Registration
Attn. Claudia Hermsdoerfer
Theodor-Heuss-Allee 25
D-60486 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 (0) 69/7564-269
Fax: +49 (0) 69/7564-117


23 - 25 January 2007 : 2nd Congress on Rivers and Wetlands Restoration, Venue: Tarragona, Spain

Organizers : Catalan Water Agency, Spain ; New Water Culture Foundation, Spain

This congress follows the first congress celebrated in 2002 in Madrid, Spain. In this second edition, new features and important aspects for this sector will be discussed, the following among them :
> restoration objectives,
technical and environmental aspects,
> social and cultural aspects,
> legal and administrative aspects,
> economic and finance aspects,
> management aspects,
> specific tools.

Read more… <>
Source: UNESCO Water Portal




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