International news 2012


29.08.12 : Bresil : Supreme court overturns suspension of Belomonte Dam (lR, e)
: Mexico : la Parota Dam project cancelled
after years of campaigning (IR)
16.08.12 : Belo Monte Dam Suspended by Brazilian Appeals Court. Project was illegally authorized by Congress without prior consultations with indigenous tribes, judges say
20.07.12 : Portugal to build a new dam in a UNESCO World Heritage site: sign and Stop the Tua River Dam

08.07.12 : Regional Big Jump Day 2012 :

Thousands of people jump in european rivers demonstrate, jump and swimms for more clean and living rivers and waters.

The european River swimming day is initiated by ERN and celebrated in 10 countrys and arround 200 places

04.07.12 : France decide to dismantel two dams on the Selune River in the Normandie. One of them will be the highest dam ever dismanteld. 36 m / 278m (Press release Friends of the Selune, NGO, in french only)
02.04.12 : One dam thing after another ! Iceland Government suspends plans for three big dams following a successful salmon protection campaign
30.03.12 : Indias multibillion Dollars Interlinking Rivers Project is back. Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan are concerned (BBC)
17.03.12 : FAME - the alternative World Water Forum in Marseille : a hughe succes
: A final dam wave in the Danube River Basin (DEF pressrelease)
14.03.12 : Turkey Heritage before Hydropower: Petition to UNESCO on Ilisu Dam launched
: Civil Society Rejects Greenwashing of Dams at World Water Forum (by International Rivers and others)
: The international day of action for rivers
11.03.12 : CALL TO ACTION : March 14th : International Day of Action for Rivers and Against Dams. Create a Living River in Central Marseille! Protest Against the Greenwashing of Dams!
: World Bank's Program-For-Results Loan Instrument: Good Intentions?
26.01.12 : Turkey : Villagers' protest at Istanbul's Topkapi Palace against the planned Ilisu dam
Press Release by the Turkish Nature Association Doga Dernegi
: 14 of march 2012 : International day of action for rivers. Participate !

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