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General informations :

- The GAP projects (PDF file) - Text from Swiss students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. It provides a good summary of the problems of the GAP projects, one of the biggest dam project in the world. (february 2001 version)

- Informations on the GAP in french : Dersim Website, externe

- The GAP Project on the AK Wasser Website (german)

- Map : Regulation of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (jpg)

- Travel report about Turkish dam projects by Stefan Michel

- UK report on Ilisu (July 2001) ! The former link is no longer working


  • Ilisu dam project
  • Munzur dam project
  • Yusufeli dam project

05.12.14 : Turkey : I lisu Dam's construction may be continued after a 4 month halt !
Stop Ilisu – stop destruction and instability ! Press Release (Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive Batman/Turkey)

10.01.13 :Controversial Ilisu Dam on Hasankeyf halted by Turkish court ( PR Doga Dernegi)

26.01.12 : Turkey : Villagers' protest at Istanbul's Topkapi Palace against the planned Ilisu dam (Press Release by the Turkish Nature Association Doga Dernegi)
08.07.11 : Turkey: Drowning the Past in the Waters of Progress (Hasankeyf) 10.07.09 : European banks withdraw from Ilisu dam project in Turkey - Non governmental organisations welcome pullout as the right decision
09.06.09 : Ilisu Dam-Affected People Expropriated amidst Ultimatum
Turkish Government snubs Europeans shortly before the Deadline
28.05.09 : Ilisu dam project on the Tigris: International Standards not reached despite ultimatum. Cultural heritage doomed to be lost
14.05.09 : Turkey : Ilisu Dam project : Internationale Petition to stop the construction and to preserve the World heritage (g)
: Turkey : Ilisu Dam Project facing severe backlash, NGOs welcome decision by Germany, Austria and Switzerland to suspend contracts (NGO Press Release)
08.10.08 : Germany, Austria and Switzerland have started the official process of withdrawing financial support for the Ilisu project in Turkey (e)
27.03.08 : Excellent brochure by ECA Watch Austria available ( in german only, pdf 5 MB)
: Joint Call to halt Ilisu Dam Development on the Occasion of the International Day of Action Against Dams and for Rivers, Water and Life
15.08.07 : Turkey signs credit for controversial dam project
15.06.07 : Swiss bank ZKB declares to withdrawel from the Ilisu project (d,e)
26.03.07 : lisu dam: Non-governmental organizations criticize German approval of export credit guarantee for Turkish Ilisu dam
11.03.08 : Austria decides to give public guarantees for the Ilisu project. In Germany and Switzerland discussions are going on.
02.03.07 : Ilisu-dam: Turkey issues Germany with an ultimatum - the building site has to be protected by 5000 warriors - 67 NGOs write to Angela Merkel
10.01.07 : Switzerland Germany and Austria ready to finance the Ilisu project under certain conditions
08.12.06 : Hermes Credit : Secret pre decision by the german governement to finance the Ilisu Project. NGOs are oppoing the decisioni
more Infos
07.12.06 : Turkey / Tigris : Kurdish Mayor Demands Ilisu Dam Project Halted (AP)
: ECHR (European court for human rights) to hear Hasankeyf case, seeks info from Ankara
14.08.06 : Turkey push for the Ilisu Dam construction - Strong local international opposition
! for more news : visite the WEED Website ( german and english )
01.05.06 : Feature : Tigris Dam project stirs hopes, fears in Turkey (Reuters) (eng).
10.04.06 : National Security Council of Turkey : Ilisu Dam does not respect Community Law (ger)
25.03.06 : Ilisu / Hasankeyf (Turkey) : complaint against Turkey, Austria and Germany with the European Human Rights Court. (ger).
10.12.05 : A travel to Hasankeyf (Report / Journal), in german only
24.09.05 : Ilisu dam project for sale ! (TAZ)
: Ilisu / Turkey : Damproject reloaded (ger)
17.10.02: Ilisu/Turkey: the German governmental development agency will not participate to a Hermès credit for the Ilisu dam project. (germ)

27.02.02: Swiss bank quits Turkish Ilisu dam project
09.01.02: Watch the Ilisu / Hasankeyf - TV-Film German-French TV Channel ARTE , 11. January 2002, 20:15 German time (GMT+2)
15.11.01: Several articles concerning Balfour Beatty's withdrawal from Ilisu dam project
14.11.01: Campaigners Celebrate Ilisu Dam Campaign Victory
13.11.01: Balfour Beatty Withdraws From Ilisu Dam Project
30.10.01: Blair in drive for Turkish dam deal
03.10.01: NGOs united to denounce the project of Ilisu dam, arguing that it could be in breach of European Human Rights Act (eng & deu)
24.09.01: Initiative to save Munzur from YXK
24.09.01: Munzur Valley in danger: Infos online
04.07.01: UK report says 60,000 affected by Turkish dam plan
01.07.01: UK to abandon support for the Ilisu dam

09.05.01 : Balfour Beatty faces dam clash
01.05.01 : Turkey's Gediz delta left out of protective grant

30.03.01 : Turkish environmentalist jailed upholding supreme court ruling
27.03.01: NGO invests in Balfour Beatty
(building company) shares to prevent Ilisu Dam project
19.03.01: Publication of a new report : The Ilisu Dam, The World Commission On Dams And Export Credit Reform

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